Errata N76E003

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Is there any link to the errata for the N76E003 ?

On the bench. we see an unexpected UART artifact.
Test example : UART1 200kBaud. Mode 1
See START bit = 5us, and all subsequent bits are 5us, so far so good.
However, when we try continual transmit, the STOP bit is always +1us, at 6us, not the expected 5us ?
Usually on 8051 UARTS the TX bit clock runs at baud rate, and snaps to the nearest BIT-slot, - that means delays in service of TI, can only flip as 1 or 2 whole stop bits.
N76E003 seems incapable of true gapless transmit, instead it adds +1us (fractional stop bit) to every stop
If we test Mode 2, there is identical effect : At /64, (250kBaud) all bits are 4us wide, but STOP bit is always at 5us for continual transmit.
Does the N76E003 shift Tx phase by 1us for every transmit action ?

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