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11 Jan 2019, 13:14

i am working on N76E003. i am writing data in aprom using IAP. my code size
is 9000 bytes. i set my flash_data_address after this 9000 bytes but still
when i write data in aprom it interfere my code ,i confuss with how to
select address for wring data in aprom.

and also how to know my code starting and ending address in aprom.

in one of my code i set flsh_data_adreess 0x4700 but still that working
although n76e003 have only 18kb memory and its last location is 0x4650. i
cant understand why it happen?

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12 Apr 2021, 10:12

1. N76E003 program memory map, please refer to the attachment.
2. Please try the "IAP_AP-program-AP_Dataflash" sample code in the latest BSP.
The Board Support Package(BSP) Kel for N76E003
3. You can use ICP programming tool to read range of APROM by clicking "Refresh".
N76E003ProgramMemoryMap.PNG (20.69 KiB) Viewed 500 times

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