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AutoWriter FAQ

Posted: 11 Aug 2020, 12:00
by 9chuckyoung
Q: What is AutoWriter?
A: AutoWriter is similar to TurboWriter, it is the simplified version of TurboWriter.

Q: Where to get AutoWriter?
A: AutoWriter is in non-OS BSP:
N9H20 Non-OS BSP
N9H26 Non-OS BSP

Path is in \N9H2x_emWin_NonOS-master\Tools\PC_Tools

Q. I burned those materials, but booting fail.
A: Please keep TurboWriter.ini in the AutoWriter folder.

Q: Can this tool be used for mass production?
A: Yes. And once you mounted NAND flash on PCBA, the next step is to utilize AutoWriter for MP.