M487 OpAmp GPIO question

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lets say I want to use Pin 4, PB2,OPA0_O in such a way that the pin works as a GPIO pin and then can quickly switch to OPA0 output, I also want to be able to switch quickly from OPA0 output back to GPIO mode.

it seems to me that the only way to do this is to power on the OpAmp when I want that pin to function as an OPA0 output and then powering it off when I want GPIO output. I tried messing with the MFP settings but that does not work, when the MFP is set to GPIO mode and the pin is set to high impedence, if the OpAmp is on then the pin still carries the OPA0 output signal.

My concern about constantly turning the opamp on and off is the 20us turn on time and also during the turn on/off time I have no idea how the output behaves.

Is there documentation on how the OpAmp behaves during the 20us turn on/off time?
Is there additional documentation available for the MFP? does the MFP control a multiplexer on the pin?

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