What is the delay time of an audio source from the NuMicro® NUC505 MCU Line-in to a headphone out? What is the reason?

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Dylan Hsieh
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29 Mar 2017, 09:45

  • When the audio source enters the NUC505 series microcontroller (MCU), the source will be converted by an internal ADC first for the NUC505 to process. Then the NUC505 will send a number of data based on user firmware settings. After the processing of DAC codec, the user can hear the audio source through a headphone.
  • In the transmission process, in addition to using firmware to set the delay for the amount of time to transfer data, the ADC and DAC conversion of the Codec also cause delay. The delay time varies with different sampling frequencies. Also, the delay time is proportional to the sampling frequency. During Codec ADC and DAC conversions, at a sampling frequency of 8000 Hz, a total of about 6ms of delay is generated; at 48000 Hz, a total of about 1ms of delay is generated; the remaining sampling frequency delay time can be scaled.

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