What is the power source supplied to VDD12 in the NUC505 series?

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VDD12 in the NUC505 can be powered from an external LDO or internal LDO.
External LDO: VDD12 in the NUC505 is connected to an external 1.2V, and LDO_CAP connects a 4.7uF capacitor to ground, as shown in Figure 1.
Internal LDO: LDO_CAP in the NUC505 is first connected to the 4.7uF capacitor, and then connected to VDD12, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1

Figure 2

LDO_CAP: LDO output pin, DC 1.2V.
VDD12: I/O power supply pin, DC 1.2V.

The NUC505 power distribution diagram is shown below. LDO_CAP needs to be connected to the 4.7uF capacitor first and then ground; if VDD12 needs to be powered internally, LDO_CAP is connected to the 4.7uF capacitor first, and then connected to VDD12.

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